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Let me tell you guys about something that changed my life, my income, and the way I market my business.I used to post and comment on every single social media platform whenever I wanted to, not realizing there was a method to the madness. I thought I knew what my customers wanted to hear. I spent a lot of time in spreadsheets pouring my heart into my content and was getting ZERO engagement. I mean… not even a like.Sound familiar?Yeah? Well, welcome to the club.I got sick of...

I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Barbie Paget over at Barbie is a certified life coach who helps millennial women who are feeling stuck in their lives get their stuff together. From careers and relationships to wellness and stress, Barbie is here to help you get unstuck!Who is your audience; what goals are you helping them accomplish? My audience are professional millennial women, who feel stuck. Stuck in their careers, stuck in relationships, stuck in a wellness routine that doesn't work for them. They deal...

First, let's chat about why it's important to make list building activities your priority.The bottom line is that you don't own your Facebook Page. You don't own your Instagram account. You don't own your LinkedIn Profile.Even though all are critical for marketing your business online, you don't actually own them.For example, I was networking in my favorite Facebook group for women biz owners and one woman put up a frantic post.You could hear her anxiety leaping from the screen.She informed the group that she had spent a year...