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5 Reasons Why a Beautiful Logo Really Matters to Your Lifestyle Business

5 Reasons Why a Beautiful Logo Really Matters to Your Lifestyle Business

“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand.”  – Paul Rand

Your #1 brand ambassador is your logo. It is the first thing that your consumers will notice, and it speaks for your business.

This is why NOW is the time to pause and think about your company logo. Ask yourself:

  • Is it visually appealing?
  • Is it unique?
  • Does it identify with your business model?
  • Does it give your brand a unique identity?
  • Is it effective?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, it’s time to invest in a new logo.
Here’s are 5 reasons why a beautiful logo could change the future of your business:

1. Your Logo Design is the Face of Your Company

Your logo is fundamentally the face of your lifestyle brand, and it should be reflective of your business.

Since your logo expresses essential information about your lifestyle brand, it must be timeless, appropriate, unforgettable, versatile and comprehensible.

A visually stunning logo design will lure customers to the top of your sales and marketing funnels.

2. Your Lifestyle Logo Defines Your Brand Identity

According to science, people retain more information by visual cues than any other method.

By 2020 90% of all communication will be visual!

A person is more likely to retain a memorable, visually stunning and unique logo rather than a dull, cliché one. Your lifestyle logo is virtually a mental shortcut to remind the consumer of your products and services.

3. Your Logo Establishes Your Image

In the world of marketing, the “image” of your brand is the most vital part of any business.

Companies often use design and color psychology to impart mental cues as to what the company is trying to represent.

As designers, we use our skills to present information about the business to the consumer’s subconscious mind.

For example, a spa’s logo design would consist of soft, lively colors (whites, light greens, etc.) and smooth lines to represent calmness and serenity.

On the other hand, an edgy fashion boutique would have a logo with fun lines, geometrical edges and intense, bold colors (pinks, blacks, purples, etc).

4. Your Logo Establishes Possession and Ownership

Your logo design is similar to a signature. It proves legal possession of the business and effectively safeguards companies against other fakes, frauds, and forgeries. If another company tries to copy your logo to fool your customers, they can be sued.

5. Your Logo is the Most Powerful and Effective Marketing Tool

In this day and age where media reigns, it is vital to feature your business on multiple platforms, big and small, from print to digital, to attract your ideal clients.

Through marketing, your lifestyle logo design will begin to correlate with the quality and trustworthiness of your products or services. And over time:

  1. Your logo will become the main reason for sales for your lifestyle business.
  2. Your logo will start to become a representative of what you stand for, equating to brand loyalty.

And we all know what brand loyalty gets you… lifelong customers and brand ambassadors.

Tierra Wilson

Hi, I'm Tierra, the Owner & Creative Director for TW+CO. When I'm not working with my clients, I'm passionate about teaching creative entrepreneurs and small businesses how to succeed online.


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