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6 Easy Self-Care Practices for Women Entrepreneurs

6 Easy Self-Care Practices for Women Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be very familiar with long working hours, red eyes, messy hair, and cups of coffee.  There have been days when you feel like you’ve never stopped working.

Some of you may have left a corporate job behind because of the long hours. Yet, now that you are an entrepreneur, you’ve ended up working so many more hours than you used to in the office. It may not be non-stop, but it certainly feels like it.

This is particularly true at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, where you have to invest so much time, energy, money. You long for that moment where your business will feel more aligned with your long-term goals. You hope that it will happen as soon as you’ll have more automations in place: email sequences, e-boutique, lead magnet, social media posts, passive income streams and so on.

You’ve heard about the buzzword self-care. You’ve read about its importance and how it’s crucial to make sure the CEO of your business feels good, rested and confident in order to be productive and efficient. You agree with this. But wait… you are the CEO of your business.

Self-care feels like slacking? A luxury? Don’t stress it! It can be done, easy peasy. No stress attached, just a feel-good feeling!

#1 Take regular breaks and stretch

You are likely to be working very long hours in front of a laptop screen, sometimes sitting in a position that is clearly not meant to be adopted for a long period of time.

Set some alarms or calendar reminders to take a break where you can actually walk away from your computer for a few minutes. Stretch your legs and your back.

If you can, incorporate some workouts into your day or your week.  What about a dance class or a yoga class?

#2 Hydrate!

This is common knowledge and yet so many of us are chronically dehydrated.

Did you know? On average, the human body is made up of at least 60% water. The human brain is made up of 75% water.

So it makes sense that failing to keep ourselves hydrated results in decreased physical and mental capacity.

I personally aim for 1.5 litre a day. I almost only drink from water bottles while I work or while I am on the go. I find it easier and it actually gives you a pretty good idea of how much you’ve had each day.

#3 Start your day with a morning routine

Creating an easy to follow morning routine will help you start the day with positivity and confidence. Your morning routine will have helped you start the day with the feeling of accomplishment.

How you start your day determines how it flows and if it flows well so do you.

A morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re new to it, just think about a few easy things. For example:

  • Making your bed
  • Drinking water (you could even add a squeeze of lemon in it)
  • Taking time to sit and mindfully eat breakfast
  • Indulging your skin with your fav skincare product
  • Doing your make-up

#4 Create a music playlist

Create a playlist with songs that remind you of your power and determination. They can be songs from your childhood or teen years. It doesn’t matter what other people think of them. What matters is how they make you feel.

Recently, songs from the 1990s have really been making me feel as if everything was possible and that I have the power to make everything I want to happen. I realize that other people could see the songs as cheesy: I don’t care!

Once you have created this playlist, play it whenever you need to. And tweak it whenever you feel like it!

#5 Block out a certain period of time each week for you

Are you a Weekly Planner lover? This one is definitely for you.

Commit to doing something fun, pleasureful, creative but not career-related each week. It can be anything you like. My favorites are:

  • Going to an improv’ class
  • Going to the movies
  • Going to a Zumba class

And because fun time doesn’t always have to be included in your budget, here are a few options that do not need to be accounted for in your budget:

  • Curling up with a good book
  • Going for a walk (extra points if you go somewhere leafy and inspiring!)
  • Playing with your pet
  • Old fashioned Netflix binge-watching

Whatever activity you pick and plan for here, make sure it doesn’t require you sitting in front of a computer screen.

#6 Meet your friends in real life

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely to be highly digital or at least completely immersed in the digital sphere. That’s cool.

If you’re anything like me you’ve joined many Facebook groups and you’ve made tons of new online friends. You’ve been having online coffee dates with them, through Skype. That’s amazing.

But what about meeting friends in person?

There have been some very interesting studies in the Neuroscience field and particularly around the concept of “mirror neurons”.  Basically, when a person next to you takes some action, your brain fires up the neurons associated with the same action. When your conversation partner smiles, a part of your brain smiles too.

Also, a lot of human communication is done non-verbally. This means that not all the communication cues could be picked up by words we say or write. Many cues are unconsciously given through our body language, which you are very unlikely to pick up through emails or Skype video calls.

So, do take some time to meet your local friends and if you’ve made new online friends and they’re local, suggest an in-real-life coffee date next time!

For your online friends that live on the other side of the world, who knows, maybe you could meet up on holidays…

For more easy peasy self-care ideas, you can read more here.


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Fiorenza Rossini

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