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Creative director, branding expert & web designer for lifestyle brands

A letter from Tierra

Hey! Thanks for visiting my little slice of the internet.

TierraWilson.com is a place where I share my love for visual content, the lifestyle industry and my passion for helping small businesses get results from digital marketing. Plus.. a sprinkle of my life with my husband and 3 kids in Phoenix.

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I provide lifestyle brands with beautiful, stylish and elegant marketing, branding, and web design services.

A little bit about the way I do business:


I have over 15 years of expertise in digital marketing. Meaning I understand you, your brand, and your customers. My current clients include Under Armour Connected Fitness and MyFitnessPal as well a number of other smaller brands. See my client list and read testimonials below.


My process is authentic and always on trend. I connect with each of my clients on a personal level, and my services were built for today’s socially connected customer. I approach each project with the goal of positioning my clients as influencers.


My services are all visually-led. From Instagram marketing to product styling, my goal is to attract your customers with eye-catching and visually powerful online experiences that focus on customer acquisition and engagement, versus likes. I believe those first impressions from a customer’s perspective are the most important.

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Who I Work With

web design agency for fashion brands


I know that fashion isn’t just about clothing, it’s a multi-trillion dollar lifestyle industry. And thanks to digital platforms, that once unachievable access, that was only run by an elite group of the fashion brands, is now accessible to everyone. Fashion marketing is no longer about paying dues; it’s all about having a comprehensive visual and digital strategy.


The beauty industry is a highly competitive visual space fueled by the latest beauty trends, celebrity inspiration, or influencer-driven content. This industry can be tough to break into, and even harder to stay relevant. Let me help your beauty brand grow and thrive via brand development and visual content creation.

Health + Wellness

The health and wellness industry has not only gone mainstream thanks to digital marketing and influencers, but it’s reached a broader audience. From wellness tourism and trendy studios, each niche has a cult following of customers with different pain points and complex stories. Being a better version of yourself is not just a concept, it’s business, I can help you empower your customer.

web design agency for real estate and interior design brands

real estate + interiors

I have a genuine passion for the luxurious and visual home interiors and the real estate industry. I can develop tailored branding and social campaigns to help you reach your goals. This industry is about building spaces that center around family and communities. To do that, I focus on evoking emotions in your targeted audience by creating eye capturing and powerful online experiences via inspirational imagery and brand development.

web design agency for HOSPITALITY + TRAVEL brands


Today’s consumer may travel for business or pleasure, or traveling could be a way of life. Positioning your hospitality brand as a curator of custom experiences is key to competing in today’s digital landscape. I can help you position your brand, differentiate from the competition, and reach your targeted audience with a visually ROI led strategy.

web design agency for lifestyle technology brands


Fashionable phone cases, luxury wearables, fitness tech, mindful eating apps, and virtual interior design. All parts of a growing industry of businesses who want to take the lifestyle industry into the future while changing consumers lives via on-demand solutions. My clients trust me to provide them with on-trend tools and resources that allow them to build trust and help their customers be better.

submark - Branding Agency for Lifestyle Brands - Web Design, Instagram Marketing, Product Photography

Client List

Under Armour


Track Maven



Transformational Consumer

Strategic sabbatical


Swivel Beauty

Jennifer Ybarra

Tam J’s Southern Delights

VMarie Fashion

Brown Sugar Glam

The Watchery

Adelaida Mejia

The Costa Group

Premiere Designers

Sandra Greer RE

Mike Delena RE

30 Day Writing Challenge

Affluent Home Loans


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