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Balancing My Busy: 5 Ways to Balance Career, Family & Self

Balancing My Busy: 5 Ways to Balance Career, Family & Self


I’ve always been driven to be “successful”. In grade school and college, I made good grades, got involved in organizations….you know, I did it all by the book. Then “real life” hit and I got married and had children.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love my family; but I also love having a career. Sometimes the two clash and even when I want to appear to have it together, I just can’t!

I’m a real estate agent so I have the flexibility of setting my schedule and working from home whenever I have a sick child (or husband), need to do laundry, or shamelessly want to binge watch The Blacklist.

Admittedly, it doesn’t always work out for me to be home because I get pulled in so many directions that I just say “forget it” and end up on the couch all day. Then I can only be mad at nobody but myself because after all, I work for myself right? Yea it sounds glamorous to “be your own boss” until you have to actually put in the work.

One thing that I have learned since I started working for myself was that I have to establish one thing first…BOUNDARIES! I mean boundaries for others AND myself. I commend other moms who work and still take care of a family. I have a baby who will be one year old in February and she gives me a run for my money sometimes!

My family and friends see how much I have on my plate and ask “how do you do it? You’re always busy!” Yes, I’m always busy, but not always productive. I took about a year off from real estate to focus on having a baby and spending more time with my family.

Now that I am back working, I have learned to re-prioritize some things in my life to be more productive at home and at work.

Five tips to stay balanced (SANE)

  1. Family calendar. I have a dry-erase calendar on my refrigerator that I bought from Target. Each month, I write down the family appointments first and then schedule my business appointments around those dates. Since family is my priority, they get first dibs on the calendar.
  2. Meal planning. I try to plan out our meals a week or two in advance. This includes planning to eat out on days that are really busy.
  3. Support system. I don’t know what I would do without the support of family and friends. I’ve learned to let go of my pride and ask for help. I will ask someone to babysit in a heartbeat!
  4. Be realistic. I would love to say that all of my laundry is done and there are no dishes in my sink right now. Listen, I do good to cook almost everyday. Those clothes and dishes can wait girlfriend! Set a goal to accomplish one or two household chores a day. If your list gets too long, you’ll get overwhelmed and do nothing (at least that’s how I am).
  5. Create routines. Now, I’m still working on nailing this part down but my 10 year old has it down packed. Somehow I created a set routine for her and neglected myself (crazy how moms do that right?). However, I have some things that I do around the same time every day. Other times, I just have to go with the flow.

One of my closest friends has had to remind me to give myself grace. That small reminder gets me through times when I didn’t finish laundry and have to re-wash the load in the washing machine that’s been in there two days (did I mention I hate laundry?).

Either way, you’re human honey. We are not perfect.

Surround yourself with people who support you as a mom and a professional. I used to try to separate the two; but my reality is that I wear many hats and with a little bit of prayer and “come to Jesus” moments, I can be the best ME in any situation. Let’s do this ladies!


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Candence Brooks

Candence Brooks

Candence Brooks is a REALTOR® with Westbrook & Reeves, a local real estate agency in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She currently serves on the public relations committee and diversity committee on the local and state levels respectively. With a fervent passion for first time home buyers, Candence recently launched a “Road to Homeownership” series where she hosts local workshops to educate the public on the home buying process. Her belief is that everyone can build wealth through real estate. Candence is involved in the Women’s Ministry at her church and loves to travel with her family and host intimate gatherings where she can practice her Pinterest projects.

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