Tierra Wilson & Co is now Studio Lavi

visit us at https://www.studiolavi.com/

After 7 years of running Tierra Wilson & Company -- and 17 years of graphic design, coding, and digital marketing, plus hundreds of clients, it's bittersweet, and exciting, to announce that I am removing my name from the agency we've built, and stepping away from the technical work.

The studio has been renamed "Studio Lavi" and while my husband Anderson and I will 100% still be managing owners, the client work will be done by an experienced hand-picked team. We are incredibly blessed that we were able to build something that can now stand alone! It's time for Anderson & I to move into sales, management and brand strategy roles.

"Lavi" - is the Haitian Creole French word for "life." This new brand is us. It combines our heritage in southern Lousiana, our love of the desert, and our obsession with helping others launch, or re-launch, the most beautiful businesses they can, right now.

We are so excited to start the next leg of our journey, and we hope all of you will join us!

Mèsi pou lavi ou te ban mwen an

xoxo Tierra