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7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home
This is a guest blog post by Sara Costa

You’ve started your own business, grown it beyond your wildest dreams and are hitting your income goals – congratulations!

You are now well-positioned to take another major step in your life – buying a home. Chances are, you had your dream home all mapped out before you decided to become an entrepreneur who works mainly from home. Now that your situation has changed, you may want to look at home buying from a different perspective.

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home

As a top-producing real estate agent in San Francisco and Marin County, I’ve helped my fair share of entrepreneurs find homes. To help you tailor your dream home to a work-from-home lifestyle, I’ve put together some great tips, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

As a work-from-home entrepreneur, there are several features that you may want to make sure that your new home has:

#1 Extra room(s) for office space

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home 3

Having a dedicated space to work is crucial. You’ll need room for your computer, printer and office supplies, as well as plenty of wall space to hang those calendars and white boards.

#2 Finished basement

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home

If you need a larger space to work, look for a home with a finished basement. Office space located in the basement is typically quieter than an office on the main floor. A finished basement is also a great place to store inventory if you are running a product-based business.

#3 Storage space

If you don’t see a need for a finished basement, you will want to be sure to have ample storage for inventory and office supplies. This could be an extra room, a garage or a shed.

#4 Open layout

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home

This will help the house feel incredibly spacious. Nothing’s worse than working at home all day in a space that makes you feel confined and restricted.

#5 Natural light

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home 5

Besides helping you look extra fabulous in your selfies, Instagram photos and video calls, natural light is also easier on your eyes. Harsh light from fluorescent bulbs and high wattage light bulbs can cause headaches.

#6 A mother-in-law unit or casita

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home 6

If your new home has one, you have hit the jackpot! These units can be attached to the home, or can be unattached and located in the back or on the side of the home. Either way, they typically have a separate entrance and would make the perfect office space.

#7 Utility Unit

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home

Buying a duplex or a home with plenty of space to build add-on unit is a fabulous way to make a little extra money from rent income.  And, every entrepreneur could use a little extra cash, right?

The perfect neighborhood for home-based businesses

7 Home-Buying Must Haves If You Work From Home 8

The neighborhood where the home is located is just as important as the home itself. Here are a few things to look for in a neighborhood:

  • If you are operating a business out of your home (where customers/clients come to your home regularly), check neighborhood/building/community zoning laws. You’ll also want to check tax laws regarding what designates a proper ‘home office’ where clients are seen. You may be required to have a separate entrance for customers. Do your due diligence on this one.
  • We’ve all been on those business calls where you can hear buzzing (and even honking) in the background. Avoid homes near highways or busy streets to ensure that your clients can always hear what you have to say. Plus, we all love to get a good night’s sleep. No one wants to be kept awake because of noise when they have a full schedule the next day or an important call the next morning. (Say it with me – peace and quiet. Ahhhhhh…)
  • Want to grab a quick lunch or get some work done at a local coffee shop? Living close to plenty of options will make your life so much easier. As much as you love working from home, it’s always nice to get out every once in awhile.
  • Every entrepreneur needs a break. Walkable neighborhoods are great for those times when you need a refresh.  My home backs up to an open space preserve called ‘Ring Mountain’ in Marin, CA.  Connecting with nature helps my creativity flow and helps curb stress levels too!
  • If you have children or even a pet that goes to doggy/kitty daycare, having the school or daycare close to home makes for quick daily drop off and pick up. Cutting your driving time down means that you’ll have more time in the work day to accomplish your tasks, which should lead to spending more quality time with your family after school and work.

When you are searching for your home, I can’t stress enough the importance of working with a knowledgeable, well-respected realtor. In most cases, a realtor will have access to off-market, under the radar opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise discover if you were searching on your own. A realtor also comes with a wealth of experience and advice that they are happy to share with you.

Happy House Hunting!




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Sara Costa

Sara Costa

The Costa Group are award-winning, top producing realtors ranked in the top 1% of Realtors serving San Francisco and Marin County, with over $450 Million in career sales. Sara is the Co-Founder of The Costa Group at Vanguard Properties with her husband and business partner, Franck Costa. She was also voted a ‘’Top 30 Under 30 Realtor” in the United States in 2012 by the National Association of Realtors. She is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also has a broad network of fellow agents and business partners around the country who can help you find your dream home.

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