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How to Find and Profit From Your Passion in Life

One of the hardest things in life to do is choosing the one thing you love, that you are good at and that you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

I call that your profitable passion.

That moment when you know that this is it! This is my career calling.

Unfortunately, the universe has a funny way of giving us many passions and defining moments. Take me for example.

I went from a career providing technology resources and curriculum to non-profits after Hurricane Katrina, to running a fashion marketing company, to running a real estate marketing company, to running a hiking tour company (yes hiking!), etc…

Some ventures were very successful, some were horrible failures.

However when I made it to my 30’s, although I learned from my failures and became financially stable,  I knew I was sick of changing directions every time the wind blew.

I wanted the pick the one thing I was good at and do it well. Problem is, I had so many things I loved that I couldn’t see the big picture.

So, I took a step back and took a look at my past career life and found an underlying theme.

I loved all the little details of launching and running successful businesses.

I loved finding, discovering and developing systems of success for entrepreneurs and companies who focus on products and services I’m passionate about.

Once I discovered what my profitable passion was, a wave of peace washed over me, and the strategies flowed out of my brain.

Now I don’t think twice or 2nd guess myself. I know my career calling, and I know I’m good at it.

I had found my profitable passion! And to think it only took over a decade to figure it out!

I started thinking about other entrepreneurs who are starting out and picking the wrong passions.

We’ve heard the motivational quotes on social media and the gurus tell us all the time “Do what you love!” and although that is great advice, you also need to do what will support you financially.

“If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.” – Christian Louboutin”

The rest of this blog will explore the three steps I took to discover my profitable passion.

Even if you know what your profitable passion is (maybe you just finished school specializing in a particular area, or you already know what you want to do), you should still keep reading!

It could allow you to discover a new passion, product, specialty or service you’d like to offer the world.

Before you continue reading, you’ll need  a few things:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Orange, Pink and Green Highlighter

Step 1: Brain Dump

Get a piece of paper and write down everything you love to do.

Notice I said a piece of paper. Not Evernote. Not Google Keep. Not your laptop.

Get an actual piece of paper and get to writing everything you love to do. This includes ALL passions.

Do you love Sunday brunches? Write it down. Writing business plans? Organizing closets? Mentoring disadvantaged youth? Writing complex code? Social Media? Speaking?

It may seem silly, but still write it down.

Step 2: Categorize your Passions

Through my research, I’ve noticed that most passions fall into seven skill quadrants:

  1. Relationship: Passions that interact directly with other people
  2. Communication: Passions that focus on written and verbal communication to reach an individual or audience
  3. Leadership: Passions that deal with managing people or projects to achieve a common goal
  4. Analytical: Passions that utilize the processing of data and information to produce useable results
  5. Creative: Passions that focus on developing, processing, and curating ideas and information into something new
  6. Physical: Passions that use the body including physical exertion and connecting with physical objects, machines or systems
  7. Leisure: Passions that include activities not typically described as work

Take a look at what you wrote and you should begin to notice an emerging trend. Start connecting those dots and choose the two skill sets from above that best fit your passions.

For example, most of my skills were considered analytical and leadership based. This was eye opening for me! I always considered myself a creative person first but realized the majority of my passions had to do with strategizing and consulting.

Step 3: Passion Elimination

Now it’s time to keep it real.

Look at each passion ask yourself, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” and “Will I wake up every morning excited to work on this passion?”.

With that in mind, start eliminating some of your passions:

Take your pink highlighter and highlight everything where the answer to those two questions is no.

Now, with your orange highlighter, highlight ever passion where you lack the skills to be great.

For example, although I love coding, my knowledge is of basic programming languages and I am not skilled enough to code complex websites or apps.

Although I love art, I cannot draw very well.

You get the point!

Lastly, highlight everything that has not been highlighted with the green highlighter. Congratulations! You just discovered your true passions in life!

Notice I didn’t ask you to scratch anything out!

Remember, your chosen business will continue to grow, transform and change directions.

This exercise will come in handy for years to come and could be the inspiration for new content, products, and services.

That’s it. You did it! You’ve found passions that could become profitable.

Everything highlighted green is a passion that you love and that you could do for the rest of your life.

Step 4: Turn Your Passion into Profit

Remember, passions are not business ideas.

They are just things you love to do. To turn a passion into a business, you need to go further and come up with business ideas, conduct market research, and develop a strategy.

If you want to turn your passions into profit download my mini e-course How To Discover Your Profitable Passion.

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