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How to Thrive and Get Unstuck in 2017

I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Barbie Paget over at StopTheStuck.com. Barbie is a certified life coach who helps millennial women who are feeling stuck in their lives get their stuff together. From careers and relationships to wellness and stress, Barbie is here to help you get unstuck!

Who is your audience; what goals are you helping them accomplish?

My audience are professional millennial women, who feel stuck. Stuck in their careers, stuck in relationships, stuck in a wellness routine that doesn’t work for them. They deal with the stress and daily pressures of the working world. I help them choose grace over guilt, abundance over fear, health over diets, knowing their worth and pursuing their dreams over that feeling of stuckness.

How did you get started as a coach?

After 20 years in corporate America, helping people was the best part of the job. I wanted to find a way to help people full time. I was already a fitness instructor at the time, but I really wanted to help more in the personal development side of things (though I do believe wellness is an inseparable component to a balanced life). So I went to Seattle Life Coach Training and attended their school to become a certified master life coach, and then I went to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and became a certified holistic nutrition specialist. With this background, I can truly integrate my coaching for mind, body, and soul.

What is the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Well, really there are two…both from my mother. I live by them each day: No is a perfectly good answer; always be prepared to give it and receive it with grace. If you want something say so.

Tell me more about your coaching program Beautifully Unstuck?

Beautifully unstuck is an 8-week life redesign program that has a lot of customizable aspects. We kick it off with a full 60 minute 1:1 coaching session (via phone or skype). In session this we’ll discover where the client feels stuck, and create strategies to move them forward. This sets the tone for their transformation by giving them a few concrete goals they’ll be working on for the duration. They’ll receive access to an email accountability program to keep them on track, as well as a downloadable PDF gratitude journal to use as we go. There are also 2 thirty minute session, and an additional 1-hour live coaching session they can schedule as they like throughout the remainder of the program. This gives the participant the ability to narrow focus, work on issues as they come up, and get the most out of the experience.

What do you do when someone is paying for services but isn’t engaged in the program?

I’d reach out, or schedule a quick call to make sure that there wasn’t some tragedy going on in their life or something preventing them from being engaged But ultimately their commitment to grow and change is something I cannot do for them. I know I’ve bought programs before that I didn’t complete, and it wasn’t any reflection on the instructor. Some of them are THE BEST. I just wasn’t ready or committed to it.

When should someone start seeking coaching services?

I think if you can afford it, ALWAYS. It’s nice to have an objective party in your life. A coach can really help you anytime you’re feeling out of tune. There are so many different types of coaches: fitness, nutrition, life coaches, skills coaches, career coaches. So there’s a coach for every situation. It can be hard to know who is the right one for you. Most coaches offer a brief discovery call, at no I urge people to always take advantage of those! Another tip is to ask your coach if they have their own coach. In school we’re taught: “Good coaches, have coaches”. For me, I am committed to giving the best to my clients and that means knowing I’m at my best and working on my own stuff. So I have an accountability & business coach.

What sets you apart from the rest?

My corporate experience and by background in mathematics, science, and technology puts a new perspective on things like meditation, mindfulness and transformational coaching. I’m not your typical yoga teacher or spiritual guru but I do share the same message of gratitude, hope, and grace conveyed in a way that busy, stressed out professionals can relate to and successfully apply to their lives. I’m also pretty funny, so there’s some jokes too.

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