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How to Transform Your Life in 2017 (+ $1200 Worth of Freebies)

Does this sound familiar to you?

*Que the motivational music…

2017 can be the year of change for you.

The year where you follow your passion, live your best life,  and finally, reach your full potential!

The year where…

Yeap. Those are the same resolutions that you and others around the world hope to accomplish.

But you know what? You won’t be able to make any of those changes without a plan. You need the right support, advice, tools, and resources to make 2017 your best year ever.

I’ve partnered with six women, all leaders in their fields, to deliver to you the most amazing, life transformational New Year’s Resolution Package.

ONE lucky winner will receive, courses, books, and live coaching on designing your career, work/life balance, setting goals, getting unstuck and so much more.

Your first entry is via your email address. But you have a chance to earn HUNDREDS of extra entries by pinning, tweeting, and sharing this giveaway with your special link.

Enter Here to Win
A Life Transformational New Year’s Resolution Package

$1200+ worth of courses, books, and live coaching on designing your career, work/life balance, setting goals, getting unstuck and so much more.


What do you have to lose? Check below for all the fantastic prizes ONE winner will take home this holiday season to start 2017 off right:

#1 How to Develop a Personalized Work-Life Balance Strategy by Tierra Wilson | $20

Have you read every book and article about work-life balance, but still haven’t implemented a real plan for achieving balance in your life? This mini-eCourse to help other entrepreneurs and professionals find balance on their terms.

#2 Millennial Life Skills by Jessica F. Walker – $297

Catapult Your Career is a course to teach you how to hack your education and design the career and job you want under your terms. You’ll learn how to change and build your skill set, leverage your experience, and build an amazing network of people who want to support you and your career goals.

#3 MailChimp Starter Package by Your Virtual WordSmith – $350

MailChimp account setup, signup form design, social media integration, subscriber list creation, template creation, and more!

#4 Everything’s Not OK and That’s OK by Alissa Carpenter – $197

This online self paced course was built to help you make meaningful life changes right now. Topics include finding your top 5 strengths, finding meaningful partnerships, identifying your core values, creating a life plan, and more.

#5 Positive Mindset Booster by Fiorenza Rossini – $97

Positive Mindset Booster is a dynamic program that will make you start the New Year in a way that feels authentic to you. This is for you if you think you have many things to be happy for in your life, yet you are not. Instead, you feel overwhelmed with negative and exhausting thoughts.

#6 Why NO Resolutions is the BEST resolution by Women Inspiring Together – $9.99

To be a real winner you need to experience failure. It is by failing that we learn to overcome the challenges to feel like a winner truly. This powerful 2 book package dives deep into how to challenge the perceptions of failure.

#7 Beautifully UNSTUCK (8 Week Life Transformation Program) by Barbie Page – $250

Looking for a little alchemy? This program will help you create powerful shifts and see more beauty in life, as you move forward with momentum. We will align sessions across the eight weeks to suit your goals best.

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    Posted at 15:09h, 17 December

    Lots of value that can be won in the contest. I’d like to have seen a few tips as well but good luck to whoever wins!

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