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The Secret to Consistent Blogging and Why You Need to Do It

The Secret to Consistent Blogging and Why You Need to Do It

There are so many things you worry about as a business owner. And when you’re swamped with day to day business, marketing strategies, and maintaining the various components that help your biz thrive, you probably want to resist adding one more piece into the mix. I get it! You’ve left blogging on the back burner.

But you shouldn’t.

Blogging brings visibility. So, if you own a business, you should have a blog.
I know the idea of maintaining one can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not a writer, but it’s an amazing business marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you do want to get a blog going, or you’ve tried in the past and gave up, you may be wondering

  • How often you should post
  • What information you should share
  • How to come up with ideas for consistent posting
  • How it really helps your biz

According to HubSpot consistent posting can increase your website traffic by up to 4x.

It’s really a digital marketing necessity.

If you want to keep your site up to date and your audience engaged, post on a regular basis.

This doesn’t have to be daily, or even weekly. Bi-weekly or once a month is just fine. But be consistent.

You really do need a business blog…. here’s why.

Keeping your web content fresh improves your SEO because Google bots like fresh content.

Consistently updating your blog can get you into those coveted Google top spots (like the first page!), and increase traffic to your site.
Increased traffic means increased leads, shares, sales, and signups.

Search engines, like Google, reward you for offering value to their users. They are search engines, of course, but they’re a business first. So, the user experience is super important.

Make search engine users happy, by offering lots of good info, and they’ll make you happy with first-page, top spot status.
Blogging also engages your audience and helps them connect to your business.

Your posts should be full of stories, information, tips, tricks, or coverage on events relevant to your industry. Offering this kind of service provides free value to your readers which strengthens your brand and their loyalty.

Further, regular posting showcases your knowledge of, and experience in, your industry, which will establish you as an expert or authority.

So, how often do you need to post?

My answer is…. as often as you’d like, as long as it’s with consistency.

A blog should enhance your business, not take away from it. So, post as often as is feasible for you.

And be sure that what you post provides value to your readers. If that means only posting once a month, that’s completely fine.

There’s no actual standard but there are statistics to show that frequent blogging improves traffic. According to the HubSpot stats, 11 posts or more per month have the most success in increasing traffic.

Eleven blog posts may sound like a lot but there are lots of ways to hit your target without burning out.

Avoiding Blog Burnout

Once you’ve decided to add a blog to your biz, you’ve got to pack a full content calendar to increase SEO, up traffic, and connect with your target audience.

How can you do this?

Power Blogging

We all have days of inspiration when the sparks just keep coming and we’re chock full of ideas. Take advantage, write ideas or inspiration down as they happen and keep a list in your smartphone or send yourself an email.

Whether you’re inspired by your own biz or others in the same industry (or a different industry, go ahead and mix it up), you can expand on your thoughts and turn them into a value-filled blog post.

So, keep an ongoing list and refer to it when you’re filling in your content calendar.

Write posts when you’re inspired to, this might lead to two or three in one day.

Then schedule your posts rather than publishing immediately. Writing 1-2 each weekend will result in 4-8 posts for the month. If you prefer to do one post every other weekend, you can post once a month and have an entire quarter completed in a weekend or two.

Gather Guest Posts

Offer guest post spots is great. You give exposure to the guests, your audience is provided a different perspective than your own, and you can quickly fill in your content calendar!

Take a break from posting by finding some relevant guests.

The best way to find guest posters is to follow others in your industry, join Facebook groups or post on Twitter and offer guest post spots in exchange for social media mentions, or put a signup form on your site allowing readers to submit an offer.

You’ll want to have certain guidelines for accepting guests to ensure value and relativity.

  1. Avoid direct competitors but make sure the content is relevant to your own
  2. Check writing samples on the guest’s website so you know that the writing style matches what your audience is used to. If you’ve never sworn in a post, maybe avoid those who use colorful language; don’t shock your audience
  3. Request that the guest submit a few different ideas so you can pick the one that fits into your content calendar.

Curate Content

Combine or expand on ideas with curated content. Bring a few blog posts together in one to explain their relevance, how they connect to a bigger picture, or how they complement each other.

This is a great way to create a how-to post. If you have a few different topics that fall under one umbrella, offering explanations on how they fit together is not just useful for your audience, it guides readers to different parts of your site. Having readers click through various parts of your site actually increases your site authority in search engine ranks, it’s called internal linking.

Curated content doesn’t have to be made up of just your past posts. You can make an entire post curating others content, you can mix some of your content in with others, or you can curate all your own content.

If you do use other’s content, make sure you give them credit, and links, and are expanding on their idea or information in your own words.

Go Get Started!

Blogging is an amazing tool to up your exposure online. It doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to have a plan in place. Outline a calendar, decide on a frequency that works for you, and then get started!

Don’t stress over your first post. Just write something and put it up there. Ugly writing is ok, the more you write, the better you’ll get. And once you’re in the habit and your writing improves, go ahead and edit those first few published posts.

A great way to map out your posting is using a content calendar. Start with a subject, and then list a few relevant topics. If you have 4 subjects to write about with three topics under each, you’ve got yourself twelve post ideas to get started.

You should always outline your content calendar and your blog posts. This keeps your ideas clear, relevant, and succinct. If you’re writing up a calendar or a post and think of information that you want to expand on but it doesn’t quite fit, jot it down on your list of blog ideas and save it for another content calendar or post.

Always be authentic and keep your tone consistent throughout the blog. And once you get your blog going, if you’re curious about how you can get it in front of your readers, check out my post on marketing a blog. Happy blogging!


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    Posted at 13:24h, 25 March

    Great article! I really enjoyed the tips! Consistency truly is everything. Consistency not only is about your audience it’s about you. It helps your grow and develop as a blogger. This was a very inspirational article! Thank you!

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