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Part I: How to Stylishly Wear The Same Thing Everyday

How to Stylishly Wear The Same Thing Everyday


If you would have told me a year ago, that I would be wearing the same thing every single day… HA!

I would have laughed so hard and told you that you had lost your everlasting mind.

For real? The same thing? Me? The person who reads Vogue every week? And plans every outfit in her head? No mam. Not happening.

But then I got really busy. 3 kids. Husband. A growing business. I was exhausted and desperate for a simple and easy way to always look chic and stylish.

I started researching and reading different articles about successful entrepreneurs who wear the same thing every day. A life uniform per say.

At first, I was against this. A grey t-shirt and jeans every day like Mark Zuckerberg? Convenient but just not me.

But then I started to notice that a few of my idols were doing uniforms as well but in a more stylish way. For example:

  • Martha’s Stewart’s and Ina Garten’s multi-color button downs with slacks
  • Anna Wintour’s oversized shades, statement necklace, crew neck, and power coat
  • Vera Wang’s black on black leggings and top
  • Carolina Herrera’s white dress shirt

The last and final piece of the puzzle, which made me switch to the uniform, was when Erin Costa, one of the pioneer’s of visual content marketing, started mentioning her daily uniforms on Instagram Stories.

Seriously, if Erin says it… I’m pretty much sold.

So what uniform did I choose? Here’s what I decided on:

  • V Neck T-Shirt: Navy, white, cream, black, green.
  • Jeans: dark denim, light denim, black denim, black leather tights
  • Pumps: black, white, cream, navy pumps
  • Birkenstocks: gold, silver, black
  • Tennis Shoes: black and white
  • Duster or Cardigan Jacket: black, green, navy
  • Black dress: 1 long, 1 short

Here’s the process I followed.

Step 1: Examine your environment and lifestyle

Ask yourself this one question. What are the activities that I do most often, on a daily and weekly basis? For me it’s working from home, school pickup, exploring Phoenix, brunch with friends, date nights, and working out.

These scenarios are what you should build your life uniform around. Many of them can go in the same category. For example, What I wear to school pickup, can be the same as what I wear to the gym.

Also, consider your environment. I live in the desert, and in a vacation community, so short sleeves, layers, casual yet chic attire is essential for me.

Step 2: Collect inspiration

Next up, pinning!! Don’t skip this step. Here’s why:

You think you know your style, but you’ll be surprised at what captures your eye. After pinning for two weeks, a trend emerged for me. And I knew exactly what my style was I call it Minimal Casual Chic.

Pinning without thinking allows your mind to define your style naturally. It’s key to allow your brain to pick what appeals to it intuitively. You’d be surprised how much you’ve already figured it.

For example, here is my board.

Step 3: Choose outfit ideas for specific situations

By now, you should now your style! It’s time to put together outfits. Pull out the scenarios you’ve put together and put together your perfect outfit for each situation, based on the style you gravitated towards on Pinterest.

Now… listen up. Everything on Pinterest ain’t 👏🏽 gonna 👏🏽 look 👏🏽 good 👏🏽 on 👏🏽 you! When choosing outfits make sure you dress for your body shape, height, etc.

If you still need help or don’t have a feel for your personal style, don’t hesitate to hire a stylist. Thankfully I have some amazingly chic friends! I got a ton of help from Christina of byStyina and Anastasia of  The Identite Collective. Two of the most fashionable and chicest women I know.

Christina, who is a personal stylist by day, and a former fashion designer, gave me some great feedback on dressing for my body. She helped me make sure the style I chose was still flattering on me.

Anastasia was a great resource because she has recently perfected her capsule wardrobe. And although I was going a different route, her perspective on minimizing and shopping resources were invaluable. She shared a ton of her fave secret shops with me

They helped me a ton with style and shopping resources.

Step 4: Shop your closet

Go through all the clothes in your closet and choose any pieces that will work for your new uniform. Make a list of what you still need to purchase. Also, donate any pieces that don’t fit your wardrobe, and set aside anything that needs to be repaired.

I’m an all or none type of gal. So I wiped my closet clean, donated a ton of pieces, sold a few that were worth selling, and organized my entire closet.

Step 5: Purchase affordable pieces but keep receipts

Now it’s time to shop! Start buying pieces of your wardrobe. Over time you’ll buy 5 to 7 pieces of each item. No need to buy them all at one time! You can ease into the purchases.

After a few months, if you love it, invest in quality versions, over time.

Here is where people go wrong. I do not suggest buying expensive pieces yet! Hold off on that.

Again, buy affordable pieces and if you love it and are happy, replace those with more high-quality pieces over time.

For my uniform, I also searched for color variations of the same pieces so I can mix it up as needed. So choose 3 to 4 colors and get everything in those colors.

For example, one of my uniform pieces is a v-neck. So I purchased five different color v-necks.

Step 6: Accessorize

Once you get your uniform in place, have fun with accessories! You can play around with shoes, purses, jewelry, brooches, scarves, etc

This is where your mood and personality will come into play.

That’s it! Stay tuned for Part II of this blog where I do a full lookbook of my Fall wardrobe.

Tierra Wilson

Hi, I'm Tierra, the Owner & Creative Director for TW+CO. When I'm not working with my clients, I'm passionate about teaching creative entrepreneurs and small businesses how to succeed online.


  • Anderson Wilson
    Posted at 00:34h, 23 September


  • Christina
    Posted at 15:33h, 26 September

    Ahhh so obsessed with this concept, post, and the look you chose! I especially love this part “Everything on Pinterest ain’t 👏🏽 gonna 👏🏽 look 👏🏽 good 👏🏽 on 👏🏽 you! ” – lmao, the soul crushing but totally real truth! Gonna go get to work on my own uniform for 2018 now 😀

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