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Take Your Website To The Next Level With These 6 Easy Tips

Take Your Website To The Next Level With These 6 Easy Tips

Your website is often the first impression anyone has of your business. The majority of consumers today make purchasing decisions based on their online experience – and this means your website is more important than ever. If you want to attract new customers (and then keep them), your website’s appearance, usability, and accessibility all need to be on point.

If your site doesn’t have these key features, you might be losing out on business:

Mobile Responsiveness

This one is first on the list because it’s just that important. Look around you next time you’re out in public – I’m going to guess 90% of the people you see will be actively looking at their cell phones. When your site is optimized for mobile, you guarantee that any user, on any device, will have the best experience possible. You don’t want to miss out on a potential sale because your site won’t load on someone’s smart phone!

Clear Branding

Your company’s branding is EVERYTHING. Why do you think people choose to do business with one company over another? It’s not a logo, or a blog, or even products and services. It’s branding. While your brand certainly encompasses all of those things, it’s so much more. It’s who you are – your values, your ideals, and what you stand for. Your website needs to reflect your brand in a clear and obvious way (and everything else you do – from social media to business cards – should do the same!).

An “About Us” Page

This may seem unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but a good “about us” is essential! Many business owners choose to leave out this “get to know me” page, but it’s so important. It gives a human element to your company, and helps you bond with your audience. Tell the story of how your business came to be, or share some great anecdotes from your private life, and give people a reason to want to connect with you.

Social Share Buttons

It is incredibly easy to add social media icons to your website, and it virtually guarantees that you’ll find a wider audience. You should put them anywhere there’s shareable content (like your blog)­­. When a member of your audience reads something they like, they can quickly and easily share it with just the click of a button. It greatly increases your chances of being seen by new people and expanding your reach. (Tip: add social share buttons to the bottom of your newsletter as well – every opportunity to be seen is a good opportunity!)

A Prominent Call To Action

When it comes to marketing your business, you need a call to action. A call to action can be anything you want your audience to do, from signing up for your newsletter, to enrolling in your webinar. Every website should have at least one CTA, although it is perfectly fine to have more – conversions, revenue and profit are all directly related to your call to action’s success.


If someone is on the fence about working with you, a great review from a client or business partner can help you close the deal. Testimonials come from an unbiased source, so they don’t come off as an overt sales pitch. Instead, they demonstrate how others have benefitted from your business, and help build credibility and trust.

Remember – a poorly designed website is almost as bad as no website at all. Take the time to get yours running properly and looking great so clients and prospects get the best experience possible. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to ensure your business’ success.

Tierra Wilson

Hi, I'm Tierra, the Owner & Creative Director for TW+CO. When I'm not working with my clients, I'm passionate about teaching creative entrepreneurs and small businesses how to succeed online.


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