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Weekly Envy: 9 Luxury Sunglasses for Women

9 Stylish and Luxury Sunglasses


Sadly, this is probably my last post about all the cute summer things. I cannot accept that summer is coming to an end so suddenly. I have my final summer hoorah coming up. Me and 6 of my closest companions are traveling to Destin Florida to end the summer in luxury.

So right now, the only thing on my mind is getting all those last minute pieces to make sure my upcoming trip is fabulous. I just don’t want to think about how close Fall is. Not yet at least.

Currently, I’m preoccupied with sunglasses! Specifically elegant and stylish ones with hints of tan and blush. Not sure if you’ve looked around lately, but blush and cream are kind of my MO.

I’ve rounded up 9 of my favorite sunglasses here, but I’m still trying to decide which ones I’m ordering for my trip. I’m kinda obsessed with them all.

1. Vince Camuto Brow Bar Sunglasses • $85


2. Bottega Veneta Eyewear round frame sunglasses • Bottega Veneta • $436.98


3. Hadid Eyewear Runway in Beige. • $105


4. LE SPECS Kick It oversized mirrored sunglasses • Le Specs • $46


5. Linda Farrow Cat-eye sunglasses • Linda Farrow • $895


6. Dita Eyewear Magnifique cat-eye sunglasses • Dita Eyewear • $375


7. Round-frame metal sunglasses • Gucci • $425


8. Victoria Beckham Classic Aviator sunglasses • Victoria Beckham • $425


I hope you enjoyed this week’s envy! Side note: My fascination with sunglasses come from a lifetime of wearing glasses. So every time I get an opportunity to rid myself of prescription bifocals and adorn my silhouette with stylish lenses, I’m down. Plus I live in the desert. Can you say summer year round? I’m not complaining.


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