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As a work from home entrepreneur, your coins depend on your ability to produce consistent high quality products and services that delights your customers and increases your revenue.

You can’t do either of those things without maintaining a high level of productivity.

As a woman entrepreneur, sitting in an ugly,cramped office is the easiest way to decrease motivation and increase procrastination.

I’ve been there done that.

When I started redesigning my office, I had a goal to adapt the design in a beautiful way that would increase my productivity and motivate me daily.

Here are a few lessons I learned along the way to easily turn your office into a space that encourages a productive workflow.

Comfort is Essential

You chances of slaying your day dramatically increase if you are comfortable in your own office. 

Your office should be well ventilated with a window.

And if you have no windows, use plants to promote airflow or leave your office door open to keep it from feeling like a stuffy.

Also, your personal comfort should be a top priority.

Invest in an ergonomic office chair, keyboard and mouse.

Every lady boss also needs good lighting to avoid eye strain while sitting in front of a computer and to get your content game on point.

Get both a desk lamp and an overhead light for a well-lit office.

Color Therapy

For colors – I say stick to your brand.

You’ll be creating content in your office, and you’ll want your content, videos, and more to match your band. 

Having to leave your office every time you want to take images or shoot a video can be draining. 

Choose a bold and empowering color scheme to evoke feelings of motivation and combine that with colors that promote tranquility and focus, like light blue, sage green, or white.

And really important → keep your warm and dark colors to only 20% or less of your office design.

Think pops of color for the bold ones. 

When you are working, these colors can be distracting and heavy on the eyes.


Your office is your home base, and when you walk inside to start your day you should feel happy, productive, and motivated. 

You should have an office you’re proud to show off. 

Create a space that makes you feel like a BOSS, no matter what size your business is.

Wall colors, plants, the finish of furniture, lighting and window treatments all play a vital role in the aesthetics of your office space.

However, YOU are the only person that can determine the right aesthetic direction for your workspace.


Although you should move often, sometimes when you are in a state of flow you want to be able to have everything at your fingertips. 

Near your actual desk space, keep office items that you access regularly during the day a desk chair roll away. 

I try to make it a point to keep the following items within arm’s reach:

  • Camera and video equipment
  • Business books I reference often
  • Printer and scanner
  • Smart phone and webcam
  • File cabinet and important papers

The strategic placement of these items saves you a ton of time, vs you running around every time you need something.

A Touch of Personality

Your office should represent YOU. 

As an entrepreneur, you spend a TON of time in your office every week. It’s important that you feel as if the space is “yours.” 

Design your space by hanging artwork you love, placing photos of your family on your desk, and decorating with fancy throw pillows that accent your office’s overall color scheme.

Feel free to do the absolute most and go all out.

Pops of personality make a huge difference in your happiness.

It’s important to optimize the design of your workspace to promote productivity.

When you do, you’ll be surprised how quickly you begin to experience the success you deserve and a sense of control over your work life.

That’s a wrap! Let me know. How is your office designed?



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